Award winning family run hotel and restaurant overlooking the stunning Findhorn Bay.

About Findhorn

The Crown & Anchor Inn is located in the heart of Findhorn village overlooking Findhorn Bay.

Findhorn enjoys an attractive and idyllic setting.

Only one road leads to Findhorn
......a very special place!

At Findhorn there is something for everyone. Safe water for the dinghy sailor, windsurfer and water skier and an anchorage for yachts. Anglers will enjoy the tranquillity of their sport as they fish for trout and finnock, while children, ever hopeful, dangle their lines off the pier to tempt a wee crab or flounder to take their bait. Overhead, the most dramatic fisher of all, the Osprey hovers, surveying the water, then plunges deep to secure a catch of salmon or trout which it will then carry to the nearby Culbin Forest to feed to its young.

Findhorn Bay is of special interest to the ornithologist, supporting significant numbers of wildfowl and wading birds throughout the year with particular interest during the winter as a haven for certain visiting Greylag, pink feet geese and duck. The botanist can relish the wide variety of plant species to be found in the area.

The village's growth owes much to Findhorn Bay, the beautiful narrow mouthed inlet that stretches two miles south from the sea and opens out to a maximum width of around two miles once inland. Much of the southern part of it is exposed as mud flats at low tide, and the area is a haven for birds.

Today much of the village's life still revolves around the bay, though now as one of the major sailing and watersports centres along this stretch of coast. It is also home to the Royal Findhorn Sailing Club.

But there's more to Findhorn than an attractive village, a lovely bay and a superb beach. Internationally, it is perhaps best known as the home of the Findhorn Foundation. This is a community based on spiritual values, which was founded on a caravan site here in 1962. The Foundation has since grown considerably. It now includes 30 different businesses and initiatives, an education centre, and an eco-village comprising 29 ecological buildings. The Findhorn Foundation adds an extra dimension to Findhorn, and can be found on the south side of the village.

The Crown & Anchor Inn, Findhorn,
Morayshire, Scotland, IV36 3YF
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